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This website is founded to the purpose of assisting our fans in regaining health by pursuing a lifestyle of health. The standard American diet in 2014 and over the past 40 years has led to a society of illness. One in three people today have a chronic illness whether it be obesity or an autoimmunity like hashimoto’s thyroidits, fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, Lymes Disease, or Multiple Schlerosis, etc.

Our offers a unique approach to helping the ill and weak back to health through functional health care.  We evaluate you neurologically and metabolically and leave no stone unturned to get you back to being your good ‘ol self again!!!

You can visit our main website at www.drmichaelcorey.com
You can visit our thyroid recovery website at www.octhyroidrelief.com

Dr. Michael Corey
Doctor Of Chiropractic
Board Certified Integrative Medicine
14471 Chambers Road, Suite 105, Tustin, CA 92780

Curricullum Vitae

Dr. Corey has dedicated his life to helping others accomplish a better vision and expression of their optimum health potential…one free from pain and disease without the use of drugs and surgery.

Dr. Corey has been in private clinical practice, serving patients of Southern California since 1996. In addition to his expertise in chiropractic care, he also has accumulated hundreds of hours of post graduate studies in functional neurology, advanced neuropathy treatments, Autoimmune Physiology, Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis, Brain and Neurotransmitters, Functional Endocrinology, Diabetes Case management, Metabolic Syndrome, Autoimmune Thyroid and Advanced Thyroid Principles and Case Studies.

These additional studies have allowed him to expand his practice to include some of the most difficult to treat the underlying causes of chronic health conditions like fibromyalgia, thyroid disorders, diabetes support, peripheral neuropathy, failed back surgery syndrome, IBS, and many other metabolic syndromes successfully.


  • Life West College of Chiropractic, Hayward, California
  • Granted Doctorate Degree – Chiropractic – 1996
  • American Functional Neurology Institute
    – Functional Neurology Graduate Certification
  • Carrick Institute for Graduate Neurological Studies
  • Apex Energetics
    – AutoImmune Triggers Of Gluten Sensitivity
    – The Inflammatory AutoImmune Signaling Systems
    – Neuroendocrine Immunology Of Andropause
  • Neuropathy Treatment Centers Of America
    – Neuropathy Clinical Training & Coursework
  • Bachelor of Arts degree – Long Beach State University                                                                     – Pre-Medical Prerequisite Coursework



National Board Of Chiropractic Examiners
California State Board of Chiropractic Examiners
Licensed to Practice Chiropractic – (1996-Present)
Board Certified in Integrative Medicine – BCIM (2014)